Italy’s Gift to the World


Bertozzi Family Reunion 2011/Tuscany














Italy never disappoints.  Not for me, or my husband, or children and their spouses.  Everything about it is sensual; the wine, the food, the art, the landscape, the people.  There’s really  no other way to describe it.  It’s a land of simple pleasures where the people, themselves, are works of art, and where happiness is gauged not by productivity or success, but by family and the appreciation and enjoyment of life.  It’s their gift to the world.

And so it is that, having returned less than a month ago from the Land of Bella Vita on a three-week research/holiday, I am still going through withdrawal.

I miss the Bertozzis terribly; their warmth, their laughter, their singing.  It doesn’t seem possible — or fair — that an entire ocean and two continents separate us.  I still crave gelato.  Every day.  And cappucinos in the morning — strong and perfectly brewed — with flaky, homemade croissants, of course.  My muscles feel as though they’re atrophing since coming back to all the conveniences of home.  I lament the absence of a language that is so musical it fills the air like birdsong.  I keep expecting every person passing me in the street to say “buon giorno.” 

Don’t get me wrong.  I love America.   I’m thankful to be able to dry my clothes in a dryer again and have a well-functioning air-conditioner on a 90+ degree day.  But Italy, more than other European countries, resembles America in that the people are open, friendly, funny and vivacious.  You can actually feel the nation’s energy when you cross the border into Italy from neighboring countries.  If you can’t make it to Italy, and you doubt me,  just take a stroll down a concourse at an international airport and notice the difference at gates where flights are departing for Rome or Milan, vs. other European nations. 

I’ve returned from Italy, yet again humbled and thankful.  Humbled to be given the opportunity to do research for the companion sequel to Bianca’s Vineyard  (look for it — Domenico’s Table —  to be published in 2012) and thankful that we were able to have another Bertozzi family reunion while there.  

As summer winds down, despite the gloomy economic conditions we face, I hope all of you have had the opportunity to relax and enjoy your families.   After all, life is short, sweet, and no matter what, life is beautiful!


  1. Posted on August 21, 2011 at 6:44 am by Deirdra Doan

    Yes…I think everything you said about Italy and the people is true…I was not prepared for all the Love and kindness of these beautiful people..Blessings on the next book!!

  2. Posted on August 22, 2011 at 12:02 pm by Jean Moss

    I can’t wait to visit Italy in March. I’ve always thought it to be an interesting country, but you make it sound awesome. I just wish I had family there to visit.

  3. Posted on September 13, 2011 at 2:59 pm by Carlo Stellati

    Teresa you are a wonderful woman…we are happy to have you in our family
    All the italian Bertozzis love you