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As my wonder-working web maestro, Jeff Koerner, works to get my website up and running, I want to thank all my fans in advance for buying Bianca’s Vineyard.  I’m thrilled that the story is finally in print and anxious to hear back from many of you.  Did you relate to the characters?  Did you learn anything about WWII history you didn’t know?  Did you feel a pull to Italy?

Meanwhile, we hurtle ever closer to the holidays!

Our Thanksgiving tradition involves sharing a meal with our children and the “Clines of Scio” – our Oregon family.  Ann C. is a killer cook and makes THE best chocolate chip cookies in the world.  I do not exaggerate.   Early this year she brought over a gallon zip-lock bag full of them as a get-well gift for me.  I put them in the freezer and rationed them out so that I could have one as a luxury every day. At a bake sale several years ago, a bidding war broke out over her cookies.  I don’t remember how much a dozen of them sold for, but it was a lot.  I mean, a LOT.  I tell you this because Ann serves her cookies as appetizers on Thanksgiving and I look forward to that more than the turkey!

Enjoy your families this season, and until we meet again, post-Thanksgiving – ciao!


  1. Posted on February 5, 2011 at 2:41 am by Jean Moss

    Thank you for the WONDERFUL piece of chocolate.
    Like I said, I love your book and I’m waiting for your next one!!


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