Don’t Miss Out on Free “Domenico’s Table” Kindle Offer on Amazon

Looking for the perfect gift for Mom this Mother’s Day? If she’s tech-savvy, here’s a freebie you don’t want to miss!

For 2 days, from midnight May 3 through midnight, Sunday, May 4, the Kindle version of Domenico’s Table will be available for a free download on Amazon.

This sequel to Bianca’s Vineyard has been garnering fantastic reviews, and can be read independently, as well as read chronologically as the second book in the Bertozzi series saga.

On a side note, to my wonderful webpage followers, my apologies for not having touched base with you for awhile. In addition to frantically meeting the deadline with my editor for my third novel, A Year in the Company of Freaks (which should be back to me soon on it’s way to finalizing and publication), my family and I had to deal with several unexpected and unpleasant medical complications –among them, thyroid/auto-immune issues aka “Armida’s Curse!

We are on the mend, but could always use your prayers if you think of us. Thank you in advance, and I pray you and yours are enjoying the best of health and are enjoying this glorious time of year!!!

PS:  If any of you know a very special “someone” — a well-known book reviewer, author, or even celebrity who would review my next book, please drop me a line! 😉



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