My Newest Book PARADISE LOST and Resurrected is GREAT for Book Clubs

Oh, joy!

Announcing the launch of my 4th book, PARADISE LOST and Resurrected for the 21st Century.  Adapted from John Milton’s classic, my book is short, simple and EASY to read.

Did you know that centuries ago, Milton traveled to Italy where he became friends with Galileo? Without having that experience, Paradise Lost might never have been written — which means, for all you lovers of Italy out there, there’s a huge Italian connection 😉

Because I adapted the epic poem into a play, you’ll also find it easy to visualize, what reviewer Boyd Tonkin calls, the “cosmic scenery and spectacular battles” inherent in the story. In fact, it’s so vivid in detail, several universities and theater companies have expressed interest in producing the play.

So, before it comes to a stage near you — or even the big screen — get a copy and read it on your own or share it with friends in a book club setting. Themes for discussion abound in this book and, as always, I’m available for questions, appearances and interviews.

Grazie, and as these summer months wrap up, be SAFE and enjoy the simple pleasures life can bring in the most unexpected moments.





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