My Favorite Things

I always appreciate it when people share information about those who impact their lives; from authors, to car mechanics to hairdressers.  So, in the spirit of sharing, I’ll be posting things I love as well as the names and occupations of people I find remarkably talented in one way or another.  I hope this benefits many!

Five Fish Press

— Five Fish Press designed my website and I couldn’t be happier with it. Contact them at

Veronica Arrosti, Photographer

— Veronica, a gorgeous Italian, is a dear friend of mine who lives in Camaiore, Italy. As you can tell from her photographs posted on Flikr, and those in my book and on my website, she is an enormously talented photographer.  Anyone interested in contacting Veronica regarding her photographs, can contact her via Flickr, or e-mail me.

Luke and Marika Neumann, Neumann Films

— I’m proud to call Luke my extremely talented son, and Marika, my beautiful and equally talented daughter-in-law.  They both appear on the cover of Bianca’s Vineyard (poetic justice, being as Luke is Egisto’s great-grandson, no?) Luke is a fantastic film-maker and Marika was recently rated one of Oregon’s mid-valley’s best photographers.  Check out their Facebook page at:  Neumann Films

Sandra Byrd, Best-selling Author

— For all you authors out there, Sandra also provides editing services.  She did a phenomenal job of developmentally editing Bianca’s Vineyard.  She has great integrity and a gift for bringing out the best in authors.  Contact her by going to her website:

Julie Talbot, Editor

— Julie did the copy editing for Bianca’s Vineyard and was so good, and so respectful of my work, that I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to hire her again. Contact me for more information about Julie.

Jennifer Omner, Book Designer, ALL Publications

— Jennifer is as professional and knowledgeable as they come.  I couldn’t have accomplished what I did with Bianca without her.

Deirdra Doan, Artist

— Deirdra is a fabulous artist whose whimsical paintings never fail to entrance me. Check her out at:

My favorite pastimes:

Spending time with family, reading, writing, playing music, travelling.  Favorite food:  Tracy’s barbecued chicken wings.  Favorite dessert: gelato or Ann Cline’s chocolate chip cookies.  Favorite movies:  Life is Beautiful, Chocolat, Cyrano de Bergerac.  Favorite book:  Les Miserables.  Book I’m currently reading:  The War for all the Oceans by Roy Adkins and Lesley Adkins.  Favorite travel destination:  1) Heaven, 2) Italy.