2016 Freaks Barnstorm Tour Begins

51g7P3x3nVL._AA160_2016 Freaks Barnstorm Tour Begins!

It’s not enough to write books anymore. Author’s have to be at the front and center of selling their work. Not an easy task, believe me! But with your help, we can propel this new release to the top of the charts and make Always Summer Books a place where readers can go to find great reads. Here’s a few ways you can help to get  A Year in the Company of Freaks traction in the marketplace:

First – Buy the book. You can easily download it on your Kindle, buy a print copy on Amazon, or simply ask your local bookstore to order it for you.

2. If you like the book, please write a review: they are crucial to helping other readers decide if they want to buy the book. The best review sites are on Amazon or Goodreads, but mentioning it anywhere on social media — Facebook or Twitter — is great!

3. Belong to a book club? I’m there to answer any questions! (I guarantee, after reading the book, you’ll have them) Whether I live in, or are traveling to your area — or by Skype — I’m always happy to interact with my readers. You can make it extra-fun by dressing up in period costumes, playing 70’s music …. the possibilities are myriad!

4. Book signings. A Year in the Company of Freaks coincides with a year of BARNSTORMING! Own a bookstore or business that could use a shot in the arm with an author appearance and book signing? Just contact me and we’ll work out the details. (PS – I may be available for UK appearances this year as well)

5. Know a reviewer or distributor? Let them know about Bianca’s Vineyard, Domenico’s Table, or A Year in the Company of Freaks. I’d love to get my books in Costco, but it’s nearly impossible to get in touch with the book buyer(s) there. Despite our digital world, word of mouth still works wonders.

6. Finally, if Freaks impacts you, get the word out. Tell your friends and family.

A million thanks to you for being faithful readers and supporters of my work. I value each and every one of you and hope to see you sometime throughout the upcoming year!



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